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National Eviction Management

MRLP leads the Mortgage Banking Industry in National Eviction Management, providing a single source for overseeing a vast eviction portfolio across the United States.

National Eviction Banner
National Eviction Banner

MRLP leads the Mortgage Banking Industry in National Eviction Management, providing a single source for overseeing a vast eviction portfolio across the United States.

Our pioneering proprietary platform, EVO, delivers seamless eviction services. EVO stands as a testament to our drive for simplification and efficiency, eliminating the need to juggle multiple eviction counsel across the country. Our clients can trust in one firm to handle their full range of post-foreclosure needs, ensuring a strategic path to vacancy.

EVO represents a technological leap in eviction management, with a system designed to adhere to the individual state eviction timelines and to facilitate transparent communication. It allows immediate updates and collaboration between clients, brokers, local counsel, and our specialists in one centralized hub. Our commitment to transparency and excellence is reflected in our weekly updates, comprehensive reporting, and thorough auditing of local counsel.

Our expertise in eviction management extends to our nationwide network of expert local law firms, ensuring consistent, premier service. MRLP’s reputation as a leader in the eviction sector is undisputed resulting in our representation of nearly every prominent servicer in the industry. The EVO platform guarantees that our clients conserve invaluable time, resources, and capital by consolidating their post-foreclosure process with us.

By partnering with MRLP, you gain a consistent point of contact, detailed monthly performance reviews, and the option for strategic calls to navigate complex cases and jurisdictions. Our proprietary system is user-friendly, highly customizable, and integrates effortlessly with existing client systems. Our management of local counsel is stringent, featuring enhanced attorney oversight and regular assessments to align with evolving requirements.

The scope of our service includes meticulous tracking of bankruptcy and litigation within eviction cases, providing comprehensive oversight. We also offer tailored relocation assistance services, initiating and managing offers with precision, and ensuring clear communication with occupants and brokers.

Our billing system epitomizes simplicity—centralized through MRLP and electronically delivered, streamlining your accounting processes. The benefits of choosing MRLP for your National Eviction Management needs are substantial, from cost savings per file to a potential reduction in full-time employee requirements.

MRLP’s Eviction Management Group delivers creative problem-solving, exceptional service, and a commitment to client-focused solutions. Experience the difference with MRLP—a firm that not only manages evictions but strategically guides you through the complexities of post-foreclosure with unparalleled expertise and innovation.

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