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MRLP Champions Sustainability with Retold Recycling Partnership

Apr 11, 2024

MRLP is proud to announce a new initiative focused on environmental responsibility and sustainability – a collaborative program with Retold Recycling! This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and fostering a culture of sustainability within our industry.

Introducing a Convenient Recycling Solution

Through this collaboration, we’ll be distributing pre-paid Retold Recycling bags to our clients at select events or through targeted channels. Clients who receive these bags can easily donate unwanted textiles: clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Once filled, the bags can be dropped off and mailed back through the US Post Office – postage pre-paid.

Ensuring a Sustainable Second Life

Retold Recycling meticulously sorts through donated items, ensuring each piece finds its most suitable second life. Here’s how:

Extending Wearability: Gently used clothing is donated to local thrift stores and charities, providing affordable options to those in need while generating revenue for worthy causes.

Responsible Recycling: Textiles that are no longer wearable are responsibly recycled into new materials, reducing reliance on virgin resources, and minimizing landfill waste.

Resale and Upcycling: Unique or vintage items are given a second chance through resale platforms, while damaged textiles are upcycled into innovative new creations.

Leading by Example

By providing these pre-paid Retold Recycling bags, MRLP’s hope is to inspire a wave of responsible textile disposal within our network. We believe that by providing convenient solutions and fostering awareness, we can collectively promote sustainable practices throughout our client base. This initiative is just one of many ways MRLP is working to minimize our environmental footprint. By participating in this program, MRLP demonstrates its commitment to diverting textiles from landfills, a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We invite our fellow industry partners to join us in promoting responsible waste management and a more sustainable future.

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