Awards & Accolades

USFN Diamond Award


While all USFN Members must meet rigorous screening standards and selection criteria, the Award of Excellence recognizes firms that represent the highest realization of the ideals embodied by our organization, and they symbolize USFN’s continuing commitment to quality. The Award of Excellence is based on high standards in the following areas: Active participation and leadership in the MBA, USFN and the legal profession | Significant contributions to leadership in the industry | On-going staff development | Superior client relations

ALFN Industry Achievement Award


ALFN Industry Achievement Awards 2023
Nomination Period: April-May

These individual awards are open to ALFN Members and Mortgage Servicers or GSE’s whose overall achievements and work within the financial services industry has helped provide opportunities in advancing the legal and financial services industries, through education, training, leadership, mentoring or acting as a role model. Award recipients will have displayed the highest level of professionalism and leadership, and who have been a continued advocate for the industry and ALFN for an extended period of time.

Up to 6 ALFN Industry Achievement Awards are given each year at the ALFN ANSWERS Conference in July (including up to 5 awards for ALFN Members, and 1 Servicer or GSE award). Each ALFN Section (ALFN Committee/Group) will submit 1 nomination annually on behalf of their specific group. At large nominations are also accepted by members of the ALFN and mortgage servicers or GSE’s. The ALFN Board of Directors will review all award candidates to determine the final award recipients.

Appointed to the Connecticut Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee


Appointed to the Connecticut Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee by Chief Justice of the State Court of Connecticut Supreme Court 2023

The Connecticut Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee plays a crucial role in shaping foreclosure practices and policies in the state. Appointees to this committee are selected by the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, reflecting their significant legal expertise and dedication to justice in foreclosure proceedings. This committee collaborates to enhance procedural fairness and efficiency, ensuring that the Connecticut judiciary addresses foreclosure matters with the utmost integrity and legal acumen.

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USFN Committee Chair of the Year


Committee Chair of the Year Award 2020

This award was established in 1993 to recognize outstanding individual service to the association as a chair of a standing or special Committee or task force.

The award is given to a Committee or Task Force Chair who has shown the most initiative, dedication, ability and accomplishments in meeting the goals established by the Board during their term.  



ALFN JPEG Picture the Future Awards 2019 – Presented by ALFN’s Junior Professionals & Executives Group “JPEG”
Nomination Period: April-May

Annual award given each July at the ALFN ANSWERS Conference to up to 12 young professionals, with award recipients featured in the ALFN’s Picture the Future publication (distributed annually at ANSWERS). Nominees should be under the age of 40, and must be employed in-house by an ALFN member business, mortgage servicer, or GSE. A candidate may either self-nominate or be nominated by another individual with knowledge of the nominee’s background, achievements and contributions to the industry. Candidates undergo an initial blind review by our review committee, which is made up of members of the ALFN Board of Directors, ALFN Executive Staff members and select participants from the ALFN attorney-trustee and associate membership classes, and servicer participants. Candidates’ nomination forms are reviewed anonymously and judged solely on the responses and supporting materials provided for each candidate. No indication of firm or organization, gender, location or other demographic information is provided to the reviewers. The ALFN Board of Directors makes the final determination of award recipients based on the review committee’s feedback. Servicer nominees will be judged separately from ALFN member nominees, and a limited number of awards will be given to Servicers. Individuals will be judged based on their support and dedication to the industry and to young professionals, as well as their support of JPEG. We are looking for a few key attributes in our JPEG Picture the Future winners each year, including: Long-term commitment to the creditors’ rights industry; Initiative and willingness to lead, educate, and improve our industry as a whole; Individuals who are service and volunteer leaders, recognized within their organizations, and who bring value to the ALFN; Individuals who are role models for other young professionals and who are actively involved in the advancement of young professionals in our industry. More info. at https://www.alfn.org/jpeg_ptf

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USFN Member of the Year


“Member of the Year” Award 2017

This award was established in 1992 to recognize outstanding individual service to the association.   This award is given to an attorney member who has shown outstanding support to USFN during the past year.

This award was renamed “The Eddie” in 2021 in honor of Ed Kirn.